Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roses Are Red

At 11:07, someone ring the door bell so I thought my package from home is finally here after those tricky procedure to be filled up. I woke up from bed and rush to get the door before anyone does. I saw a man standing at the door and asking for ''Lim''? And I say ''Yes that's me''.. signed my name then he left. I carried up the box and was shocked because of the lightweight, and I looked at the box, it wrotes FLOWER SHOP MARKS & SPENCER. Somehow, I still thinking where did my family got this box in Penang? Keep questioning myself...

I guess whoever received package from home would eargerly open up the box and check what's inside, eventhough I have a clue because I was the one who told them to pack my stuffs :P Anyway, it's a magic box and it freaked me out, I stucked there for a minute when I see the content (immediately I thought ''shittt'' I mis-took/opened someone's package!!) until I check again on the slip and saw his name.

It prints, Happy Valentine's :) xxx

Things happened when you least expected them.... A package from home turned out to be a Valentine bouquet from someone. A night before, I was still upset and disapointed to his zero surprise/message/arrangment. Me and him always end up with jokes. Even the first time we met and how I surprised myself by his bouquet:) But what I want to say is, I appreciate every little things I have from you.

xoxo, I will plant our roses red, Happy Valentine's

Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Have Been Up To

Good to see you everyone! Finally finally... I have some little time reserved for my blog! I was extremely busy for reports for the past week and also, get to brush up my Photoshop skills again. That's a tough one and because I have installed a newer version in my macbook, whilst the old sony vaio was installed with old version. Is a hatred when you have predominated to use a software and then you need to re-grasp the skill again just because Adobe kept ''upgrading'' the software for better improvement?? Can someone please explain to me why the launch of new version is always neccessary?Anyway, I am completely flattered with my results because I have scored a Grade A and wowed my Professor in my presentation :) I think I am pretty lucky and proud to say a quick learner instead, I have nailed you down - Adobe Photoshop!!(basic technique only) hahahaha :P

Sadly enough, I have missed my past precious weekend doing my sightseeing in London due to assignment's week. I hope I can do it on this week, why do I phrase it as ''I hope''? Because I am feeling ill since last night (after playing with the snows) and I have been suffering from cough for more than a month and fever. My body is acting in an unmanageable condition nowadays. Most probably is the weather which make it even worst when it started to snow. As you all may know, Malaysia is always in Summer and we don't have to go through the dry, cold feet/hand seasons but in here, is a 360 changes! My body needs more time to really accept or to love what the unpredictable weather has brings. Sometimes I do wondering, by the time when Spring is finally here, I might have fall in love with the country x weather x food x places x people or ''someone'' but look at the calendar and time had pass us so quick that I have to leave London in sense of loss :(

Whatever it is, live life fullest is what I have repeated to myself constantly. Now it is February.. a sweetest month for Valentine!! Feeling sweet? Well I know you are, and I am feeling sweet like candy for all the couples x married or with childrens. Does it sound pity if I have to buy myself some roses on Valentine's Day? *Nahhh I don't care :P  I will do that because I learn to love myself before there's someone to be loved. With this freezy weather, my roses will lasts me longer.... by the time I came back from Paris, I will see black roses in my room. LOLs

Here are some bits and pieces images with no exact relate to my blog title. Just want my readers to enjoy reading my blog x viewing my pictures. The snowman was made by me and myself, it took me a long time to made one and not as easy as I have expected. I bended down on the snows, roll along the snows in the backyard to get more snows. It was one of the step to made a snowman so I can't simply skip it :) My fingers and palm turned red after I ran into my house and removed my glove. I freaked myself out! Imagine if I am building a bigger snowman, I might be very very ill now. Well, thanks to my housemates who have been very supportive and take care of the little clumsy me. They are like part of my family here in London, nagged me to put on more scarves and jackets while I was playing with the snows. Everywhere I go, I will still have some nice friends around. Thankful..... need to buy more fruits and flowers to pray :)

Alight at Aldgate 
Some street in Brick Lane
Underground Vintage Market at Brick Lane
Vintage Stall
Patricia x lovelocker
Ken x lovelocker x Patricia

Laduree at Covent Garden
Is a cold Tea Time
Laduree, Famous For Their Macaroon
One & Only Piece Of The Day
Snowing In Backyard
Footprints On Snows
So Easy To Draw Love
My First Snowman
Chocolate Eyes x Carrot Nose
Photoshop Artwork
Photoshop Artwork

xoxo, be my Valentine :) Happy Valentine's Day to everyone

Friday, January 20, 2012

Be A Fool Once But Not Twice

Half year has gone and I thought I would get better one day, but I failed... I failed big time. It even gets tougher for me now, all alone in England walking after your footsteps. How many times when I walk on the street, breath in the air and hoping you are the one who I am going to see after a long day. I have so many things to tell you but you ain't there/anywhere for me anymore. No more jokes, laughters, arguments and discussions for a while already. We used to be so good but why are we not talking to each other now...

I am not okay. You are fine, I know you will.

xoxo, wanted to call you an idiot but I am missing this idiot so much

Monday, January 16, 2012

Living In A Coldness Outside, Warmth Inside

Heart it now ♥

Hello peoples... to those who have knew me for ages or whom is getting to know me thru my blog, I kiss your cheek two times :) This is how people here say HI when they see you... I am practicing so practice makes perfect kisssssss :)

Do you know how much I jealoussss of people in Malaysia?? Sooooo damn much!! As much as the urine that you have just pee in the toilet bowl. Hahahahahha~ Really, I was the little creepy girl who used to admire countries with four seasons... especially Winter (but I heart Autumn the most)... It was so romantic in my imagination... hold hands walking on the street... my freezing hands in his pocket. Isn't it sound so sweet during Winter?? Yea yea yeaaa.... movies are all bad influences!! Hmph** But I could not disagree with that thou because I ain't here with loved one, so, I interpreted the wrong messages. LOLs.

Anyway, my point is to tell you that the weather in London is getting colder and colder... is 4 degrees now. I hope there's no (-) degrees for this year, I am not prepared for this hard time. Well, I should put it this way, I can bear the cold but not the wind.. when the wind blows.. I can feel myself shaking (not the cradle will rock) Hahahaa...Telllly-ble (terrible) isn't it...?

Now you know where am I coming from when I mentioned, I am so much jealous of people in Malaysia. I am positively missing the bright x sunny Sunshine in my lovely hometown lorrrrr (look I still speak like a Malaysian). I miss you like crazy~~~ Weather is cold, my bed is cold, fingers are cold too... Fortunately my heart is warm inside, as warm as the chair which you have just sitted (gosh I am enjoying using stupid description). Hahahaha! They say a change of place will definitely change a heart of someone too..? Do you think it will..? No matter what, I look forward for an excellent change of myself, a better person that makes you adore me more & more... *Crossing our fingers* Deal?

Classes have started this week after last week's orientation. The feeling of going back to school is a mixture of anxiety x contentment. Anxiety because my last sitting in a class was 5 years back, I could barely remember how I did it to my graduation. Contentment, as this is a dream came true to me, to sit in a hall with hair all tied up, nerdy spec and making notes as fast as I can. As long as I have the heart of learning, exploring abroad with all kinds of different cultures ; tremendous difficulties will not gonna shake me off easily eventhough you were chuckling at my back, pointed at my age :)

Till then, if you are keeping a dream quietly, ever think of make it a ''Dream Comes True''? It doesn't mean you have to give up certain things to achieve it, is simply building another possiblity to yourself. Not believe that dream will finally came true? Well me too... Never-ever believe in it till it happened on me. A dream will always be a dream if it's not told or created. In another way, perhaps you can be someone who help others to make their dream comes true too.

For what I had or almost have it in my hands, every appreciation goes to my family & friends. They have been so wonderful in my life.

To my readers who are living in Winter, keep yourself warm. In Summer all year long, get yourself naked!!! LOLs

xoxo, when a man/woman loves their children, endlessly they dedicated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Time In Hatfield Where I Had Feel For

Hatfield @ Herfordshire

Introduction of Hatfield: Hatfield is a town and civil parish in Hertfordshire, England in the borough of Welwyn Hatfield. It has a population of 29,616 and is of Saxon origin. Hatfield House, the home of the Marquess of Salisbury, is the nucleus of the old town. From the 1930s when de Havilland opened a factory until the 1990s when British Aerospace closed, Hatfield was associated with aircraft design and manufacture, which employed more people than any other industry. Hatfield was one of the post-war New Towns built around London and has much modernist architecture from the period. The University of Hertfordshire is based there.

Places of Interests: 
  • College Lane Campus and de Havilland campus of the University of Hertfordshire.
  • Hatfield House (Is where the Tomb Raider and The Batman Begins casted)
  • Mill Green Museum and watermill.
  • The Galleria.
  • Hatfield Business Park, former de Haviland plant, later became Base Systems Hatfield and was used for the filming of Saving Private Ryan(film) and Band of Brothers (TV series).

My visit to Hatfield on the first week was a very unexpected trip I should say. However,  it was truly an amazing experience in Hatfield with my old mate -Yi Ping. She's my primary school mate and we have not seen each other after so long, probably 10 years? I think it counts about that after we left school in Year 2000. Again, this is the power of facebook :) She called up and I was joking to her that I miss rice so much (Fyi, I am a rice bin), and she's being so helpful by offering a few days of overnight at her place in Hatfield. I took her kind offer and I was so happy when I know I am going to see my old friend on the day itself! In the evening, she and her husband - Eric drove over and pick me up at my house, we headed back to their home for homecook dinner and the entire journey took us about 45 minutes. So we blah blah blah in the car by doing some catch up and Eric told me 45 minutes is not consider far if you are driving in England. Hatfield is 20 miles (32 km) to the North of London.

In Hatfield, me x Yi Ping spent almost every day hanging out (except on Friday we stay in and chit chat) at the nearby supermarkets and The Galleria for groceries shopping and some outlets shopping. I did not buy much because Hatfield is a comfy small town and all I wanted to do is to get my daily needs and send them home so I can stuck myself in the house without walking on the street and get strike by the wind while looking for foods. That was a nightmare and I would never ever want to look back.

Lovelocker's sharing: During winter, the sky gets so dark at 4pm. It was last Saturday night when I got back at 6pm (I thought I was still early?) but when I walked out from the tube station, I freaked myself out and started to curse... then started to pray.... LOLs!! Puhhhlease please let me safely reach home. By the way, I started to run when I reached the corner of the street.. :P My brain only gets to fuction at this moment by strucking all sort of spooky ghost images in movies.. Therefore I took a deep breathe... and suddenly I was not racist because I pray to all gods. LOLs

The 5 days x 4 nights of hospitality at Yi Ping's house was very comfortable yet a good enjoyment. She has a very lovely house which she and Eric spent a lot of time for the selection x renovation before it became such a multi-functional house. I was lucky enough to have enjoyed their hardworks :) Besides that, Yi Ping's cooking has been missed after I returned to London, especially her corn soup x taiwan-style beef mee hoon x hot & spicy steamboat. Yumyyummmy.... Sincerely thanks to the husband and wife. I look forward to meet them and their baby-boy soooooon! :x

Taken Outside of the House
Lunch on Saturday
Lunch @ Harvester
Outdoors Table

So Hatfield has reserved my first week in England so I am thinking where is next? London is fascinating, indeed a metropolitan city with its unique history. Sometimes, a city girl do wish to revel out of the busy city. People say there is a place called ''City of Masks'' and described as ''Undoubtedly the Most Beautiful City built by man''. Woooooooah....Being one of Europe's most romantic cities, how can I not paint my story in this city of canals? Is time to work hard and stretch myself for my studies, later reward myself a holiday in Italy -  一大粒 ! Hahahaaahaa

xoxo, aza aza fighting!! See you panda eyes :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

When In London

Hello everyone!! This is a hello from miles away and yes I have finally settled down in London. The house that I am staying in, is located at Tottenham Hale, only 20 minutes tube to Oxford Circus (near to my school).

The house I live in,  I call it an IKEA home because most of the furnitures x kitchen wares are from IKEA. It is a nice house with friendly housemates. Only 3 rooms are taken included mine. I have 3 housemates - they are a pair of couple from Italy whom I had met on my first day. Another gentlemen from Dutch and guess what?? He is super duper handsome (perhaps he's holding a book :P ). Arghhh... misleading huh. Anyway, he was on vacation and just return home so I have never met him until an hour ago when he came knock on my door for self-introduction. I hope I am cool enough when I was talking to him even with my Minnie Mouse hairband.... LOL (so embarrasing)

So.. what have I done in London and how's the New Year celebration? Hmmm... it was an amazing night at my friend's apartment. I met some new friends from Malaysia and most importantly, I had home-cooked dinner (RICE)! Thanks to Ellis for her hospitality and her warmth caring towards a new friend (me). Talk about the last day of 2011 yet my first day in London, I arrived at Heathrow Airport in an early morning. I wandered around because hotel check-in is at 3pm (in the end I manage to check-in at 1pm) Tee-hee~ I took a black taxi to the hotel and do you know the taxi fare was extremely exxxxpensive!! Guess how much???? Is 69 pounds!!!!  $&*^#@!* (Equals to MYR350 per trip) Damn it. There goes my 69 pounds got burned on my first day.

After checked-in, I took a nap in the hotel room because a long haul flight can really make your body get so exhausted. But one good thing was - NO jetlag. I thought I would fall sick but surprisingly I am all well now, except feeling headache on yesterday :) I was suppose to reach Ellis's apartment at 7pm but I over-napped, I jumped up from bed and get ready to leave as soon as possible. Luckily I had some experience travelling by train back in Singapore, therefore, I spent little time figured out the tube map and how to get to my destination - Hendon Central. Everyone was waiting at the dining table when I walk into the room and as usual, self-introduction is a must. After, the dinner started and we talk x laugh throughout the night. And it was my first time watching Sin Cities! (It is a x-rated TV programe showing naked men x women, example hosting a naked pole dancer in the club or silly friends do naked ice-skiing). Yeah you will keep shouting ''What The Hell'' or ''Ohhh My Goddddd''. Back to the countdown, we ended 2011 by welcoming our fabulous 2012 with champagne glass knocking and cheering to a brand new 2012!! Thank you & Goodbye to 2011, I am 30 this year!! OMG... My trade mark song for this year - ''I am not a girl, not yet a woman'' (pass me the mic please). LOL

The tube station was closed after 12 so Ellis suggested to stay overnight at her place since it was late. We had some chats and she shared her stories with me before we heading to bed. She's so much younger than me and I want to confess a thing, a person who leave their home to overseas at early age will eventually makes you grow stronger x tougher x independant. It was a reflection when talking to Ellis, just like me myself back in 20s.. (wow that's 10 years back) And now.. I am at my golden age (No it's not only the guy entitled it). Can you smell my woman's spirit?? (Flipping my hairs) Hahaha. Say YES or I am going to unfriend you in my Facebook.

I know who you are!! You you you & youuuuu.. !

Anyway, the 1.1.2012 is a good beginning to me. It was the day that I move into a place call home in London, the stress was finally relief once I got into my room, cleaned x decorated it and.... unpacked my stupid big fat 32kgs luggage!! hip hip hooray (For V-ictory) Every moment, I pray to God for good things in London, without my family, I have to make it through all by myself (I am feeling tired for the all-by-myself, sometimes). So bless me wherever I am or send me a guidance.

If you are planning to study in London or even upgrade youself with a short programe, and you are looking for a room? I would like to give you a hand, here is the website http://www.britanniatravel.com/halls.html which I got my current place in London. Quite a promising organisation and the person in charge is responsible too. Click on it and go to Accomodation colume, choose which type of room x zone that you are interested and best fit your budget. Kindly just send them an email and he/she will get back to you very soon (Public Holiday is excepted). I hope it helps or at least... give you an idea of the rates.

Now, I am more than happier to share my Part.1 photos taken in London. Due to first day's sickness, sorry that lovelocker can only took a few photos but more to come during my days in London k :)

Heathrow Airport to Hotel
Walking to Underground
Russell Square

Fireworks on TV
New Year Celebration
My Room

Bath Room
Living Room

Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Little Pigs Reunion Dinner

Since lovelocker had shared photos taken in Kuala Lumpur, so now is time to re-cap those wonderful pictures that I have taken with my pig family in Singapore.

Before that, my sincere apologise to my friends in Singapore (esp to Adeline, Melissa and Sherina) whom I suppose to meet for Farewell dinner but unwilling to do so. It was an unexpected accident and my aunt need me more than anyone at that period of time. Afterall, is not going to be long and with Internet access in London, I will still see you guys around at anytime too. Do write to each other every now and then :) Miss x Love you all very very much.

So this was the one and only reunion dinner I managed to attend back in Singapore seeing my 2 best friends from hometown. We had our dinner at City Hall, I had this familiar yet comfortable feeling at Cityhall so I suggested the dinner to be held at there. Perhaps it was because we used to hang out at Cityhall? All my happy memories flashing back now... I will come back to you one day, Singapore. Treat me good and secure me with a good job okay?...

Pluhease pluhhhhheasee go away my complicated physical sensation!!... I barely bring you along with me now. I want to be as HAPPY as penguins from Happy Feet:P

June x Vi

Joe x Vi

Aerin's @ Cityhall

Getting sleepy kind of eyes
This is superrrr nice (something call Caramel Banana xxx)

xoxo, honesty bite but a lie killed

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tomorrow is still a Holl-i-day

How's your Christmas Celebration? Mine was pretty ordinary... I spent this silent night with my family and friend. Looking back, I do enjoy celebrating my Christmas's Eve x New Year's Eve at the club but in recent years, I realised those are just my short and sweet time. You might not feel the way I am expressing now but time will tell. Been there, done that... this is how it happens to everyone of us. You enjoy doing certain activities at certain age but don't limit yourself thou.  

Because we Work Hard, Play Hard

So I left home at about 9ish with my mum, cousin and best friend. We went to town for a local dinner then headed to First Avenue for 10pm show,  yea we watched New Year's Eve on Christmas's Eve^^

Movie like this is like an ''Endorphins'' to my body in every years, for the sake of being a part of the big day and to feel festive. It doesn't matter about the storyline, as long as it was casted by a group of hot pies... and yes... Who wouldn't adore Ashton Kutcher or Zac Afron? Buy nono, I was there for Sarah Jessica Parker :) Frankly speaking, I am pretty disapointed and it got a low rated from me. The most inspired part was the given speech by Hilary Swank playing as Claire. She reminds me of things that happened in my past,  taught us to forgive for what had happened and move on to a brand new year... even an important day like this can be screwed up by a DROPPING BALL. Hahahaaha

Somehow, the song sang by Bon Jovi - Have a Little Faith In Me is amazing. So if you have watched it or you are going to do so, once again, I hope you learn something. Just like there is no ''What If'' in our life.

The movie took about 2 hours. By the time I came out from cinema, it was 12am. So my night ended with a short traffic jam at Gurney Drive.. We drove around to see what's happening before we went home... This is the day when we can feel young x old mix together in our soul. Young as in we were hanging out on a big day like this but old in another way of eyes hardly open and feeling sleepy in the car ZzzzZzz... Surprisingly there are no massive party peoples doing silly foam spray on cars.. LOL. Well maybe there are at Upper Penang Road? I could have missed it?!

Whether it was a silent or a loudest night ever in 2011. Party to the max and have fun! I better get going because I am seeing my friend for Steamboat! I am craving for Steamboat!! (out of the sudden)

xoxo, party rock anthem in the house tonight .. (Everyday I am shuffling)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

Ferringhi Garden Restaurant @ Batu Ferringhi

Happy Holidays!! I can feel the festive season so close to us now. Christmas Lights are beautifully decorated along the road... colourful bulbs hanging up high on our top.. Candy Canes that I received from friends... so much of joy waiting for me and it just keep telling me that Christmas is here, New Year is even getting closer too :) I couldn't help but feeling so excited when I know New Year Eve is going to be so much different from previous years. How can I not jumping up and down when I finally get to see fireworks showering on me when 2012 is here! I know I will shed tears and deep down, feeling so lucky by welcoming my 2012 at such wonderful x magical place.

Celebrations are for anybody, regardless of your race or language you're spoken. It unites everyone of us together at this special day,  we hug x cry x smile x laugh because we feel loved and we pray for a better year ahead. It always does... There are friends who couldn't make it home or choose to celebrate this day at somewhere else, all alone or with someone special. No matter where you are my Dear Friends.... you have been missed (esp Joe, Karen, June) & I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ♥ 

Lovelocker had a precious Farewell x Christmas dinner with darling friends on last night. We had good time (always will be) and here are some photos taken at this cozy restaurant.

Yin x Vi
King Prawn Cutlet for Hui Ting

Mongolian Beef for Stephen
Grilled Chicken for Yin
Grilled Lamb Chop for Vi
Hui Ting x Vi

Love Always
Sparkling Christmas Tree

Desmond x Kiv (joined us after dinner)

Thanks for making it happened before my departure especially to Yin, Hui Ting & Stephen.

Last love message from lovelocker, have yourself a Merry Little Christmas :x

xoxo,  I am your Santa Baby